Delivery Information

Shelby Sod Company delivers to all parts of Alabama, mostly in Jefferson and Shelby Counties. The freight charges are priced on the distance to the delivery site. Most places range from $300-$450. Off loading fee is not usually charged if the truck can park within 200 feet of the site. If the unloading process is difficult or takes more than 30 minutes, an additional fee may be charged. The forklift can go up or down some gentle slopes but cannot climb steep slopes, or go through mud. The driver will place the pallets as close to the desired spot as possible. Gate openings must be a minimum of 10 feet. 

A delivery address must be given when the order is placed.

​Once the delivery is scheduled, an estimated time of arrival is given. The delivery time is not guaranteed and no adjustments will be given due to the unknown traffic conditions. Shelby Sod Company makes every effort to make this process go as smoothly as possible.